Video of the week: ZeRoyalViking plays Joking Hazard

This week’s video of the week comes from the game-obsessed ZeRoyalViking YouTube channel.

From ZeRoyalViking YouTube description:

“New videos daily! I play a variety of video games including Garry’s Mod, Indie PC games, and I have a slight obsession with space.”

ZeRoyalViking has a whole bunch of entertaining gaming videos both solo and with friends. 

One of the exciting things on this YouTube channel are the virtual tabletop games. This is where ZeRoyalViking joins forces with friends to play tabletop games using a virtual simulator.

Before watching these videos, I wasn’t aware this was a thing, but I was pleasantly surprised to discover this and I will certainly be trying this out in the future. It looks super fun! And it is a handy way to play with friends when getting together isn’t convenient.

You can check out Tabletop Simulator for yourself here.

In our selected Video of the Week ZeRoyalViking and friends are playing a cracking game of Joking Hazard.


Joking Hazard is a quirky card game by the geniuses behind the webcomic Cyanide and Happiness.

In this game you get to be the creator of your own disturbing comics without lifting a pencil or being an artist. Everything you need to create your own hilarious comic strips is right there for you.

Why should you watch?

We chose this video because of the interesting way in which the guys are playing using the virtual simulator and unpredictable funniness that Joking Hazard always has to offer.

The guys get straight stuck in with the gameplay. And jokes start flowing from the very beginning. You’ll be laughing non-stop watching this one – we certainly were!

Another great thing about watching a virtual game is that you get to see each card clearly as it’s being played as they are zoomed-in on when selected by each player. It’s a joy to watch.

Similar to Cards Against Humanity, the jokes soon become darker and darker very quickly, which is great for anyone with a twisted sense of humour. There’s no room in this game for anyone who’s sensitive to crude jokes.

So if you’re not easily offended then this is a must-see! Go on ahead and check it out. And if you like what you see, then don’t forget to like and subscribe to the channel. There are so many great videos of playthroughs to enjoy!

We hope you enjoyed the video. Keep checking back for more fun Videos of the Week

If you have any suggestions for videos, or if you’d like us to feature one of your videos, then please leave a comment in the box below or feel free to contact us.

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