Video of the week: From Tech Geek Gamers

This week’s video of the week comes from the cracking guys at Tech Geek Gamers YouTube Channel.

From the Tech Geek Gamers YouTube description:

“It was after wiping for the 13th time in the Eye of Eternity when someone said “Maybe we should do something more productive with our time?” And so Tech Geek Gamers was born. WoW accounts were sold (shhh….don’t tell Blizzard) and part of the proceeds went into starting out what was originally going to be called “Save and Quit”. What started out as 3 friends sitting around talking about video games has evolved into a variety of segments about technology, video games and anything from geek culture”

These guys have been doing a great job putting out awesome videos. From playing video games, having fun with the best board games, to testing out the latest tech. These guys have it all.

In the video we have picked out they are playing the card game Throw Throw Burrito.

Throw Throw Burrito was designed and created by the cool folks behind the famous Exploding Kittens card game.


In Throw Throw Burrito players have to battle head to head to match sets of cards as fast as possible before their opponents. All whilst having to dodge, duck and catapult squishy toy burritos at one another.

We chose this video because if you’re not playing Throw Throw Burrito yourself, then there’s nothing more fun than watching other people play the card game!

In this video they are playing purely for our fun and amusement. Which means there is no tutorial on how to play in this one, but that doesn’t matter as you’ll soon be engrossed in all the chaos. As the Mexican food starts flying and the havoc begins, we found ourselves laughing out loud all throughout.

You can tell these guys are pros when it comes to Throw Throw Burrito. So we enjoyed watching their fast-play styles and the competitiveness in everyone coming out from the the start. It reminded us of our own games nights and how hilariously out of control they can get sometimes!

So honestly, go and check it out! And if you like what you see, then don’t forget to like and subscribe to their channel. As they have so many more awesome videos for you to geek-out on.

We hope you enjoyed the video. Keep checking back for more fun on Video of the Week.

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