Let’s Review: TiBom

A Deckade Games Review of TiBom

Get ready to put your reflexes and quick-thinking to the test with this unique fast-paced card game.

TiBom is a fun-filled, quick to play card game, where thinking fast is the aim of the game.

Coming soon to Kickstarter, we were given the opportunity to test drive this awesome game. And we must say, we just couldn’t put it down, it’s very addictive!

Prepare to test your knowledge of everything and hope you don’t get brain freeze as TiBom is here to challenge your word association skills in a super fun way.

In a nutshell

  • Publisher: Top Games
  • Number of players: 2-8
  • Recommended age: 10 years+
  • Playing time average: 15-30 mins
  • RRP: TBD

Game Rules

The aim of the game is to be the quickest player to get rid of all your cards. But this won’t come easy as there are many clever twists and turns that are there to stop you from getting away so easily.

In TiBom there are 55 Letter cards, 54 category cards and a sand timer. At the start of the game, each player is dealt 7 letter cards (less if you have 6 players or more).


Gameplay starts by revealing a category card for example “Drink”, players then have to compete to be the fastest person to place down a letter card and declare a word that corresponds with the category. In this case if I had a letter ‘B’ in my hand I could put it down and say “Beer” to match the category of “Drink”.


Once someone has put down a letter and declared a word, a new category card is revealed and the game continues in the same fashion.

Letter Symbols

In a cool feature, some letter cards have symbols on them that spices up the gameplay.


If a letter card with a plus symbol is played, then all other players have to draw one letter card.

Similarly, if a letter card with a 2-card symbol is played, that player chooses another player to draw two letter cards.

If a letter card with a sand timer symbol is played, then any player can start the sand timer (except the player that played the letter card with the symbol). The player that started the sand timer must play a letter card and say a valid word to match the category before the sand timer runs out. Otherwise, they have to draw one letter card.

There are also wildcards. Wildcards are distinguished by being multicoloured with an exclamation mark symbol. Wildcards can be used to represent any letter card of that player’s choice. Of course this means that they then have to say a valid word that corresponds with the revealed category.

Special Cards

As well as category cards there are two special cards that add even more fun to the game. These are the “Time Bomb” and “Duel” cards. These cards dwell silently within the category cards deck ready to be revealed when you least expect it.


If a Time Bomb card is revealed, the dealer reveals a new category from the category pile, reads the card out loud, places it on the category discard pile and then starts the sand timer.

Players then have to go round and each play one letter card saying a valid word, as quickly as possible. The player that is playing when time runs out draws two letter cards and the player that put the last card during that time bomb card round draws a letter card.

If a Duel card is revealed, the player that played the last letter card chooses another player to challenge. The dealer then reveals a new category and a letter card at the same time from the draw piles.

The first of two duelling players that says a valid word starting with the revealed letter and corresponding to the revealed category wins the duel. And the player that lost the duel draws two letter cards.

Gameplay in action

We had a lot of fun with this one despite the fact that we were only two players. 

For two players the actions of some of the letter cards vary slightly. For example the 2-card symbol and the sand timer symbol have no effect when playing with two players. However, that didn’t in no way devalue the excitement of it.

The cool part of the game is that there are a whole variety of categories, which when shuffled properly keep the game fresh and full of surprises. You just never know what’s going to come up next! You can go from a sport, to a fruit or veg to a famous figure. And with the speed of the game your brain is constantly working overtime to think of great words to match with the letters you have and the categories.

In my first hand, I remember having a lot of seemingly tough letters. The kind of letters that you’d never want to have too many of in a typical game of Scrabble, such as X and Z. But having these difficult letters simply inspires you to think harder and outside of the box.

I got lucky and managed to get rid of two of my Xs fairly quickly with the Movie and TV Show categories. I chose X-Men for the movie and X-Factor for the TV Show. Not bad right?

The fun twists!

The Time Bomb special card was a particularly interesting part of the game too. The normal rhythm of the game already does a good job of making you feel under pressure to think of words, but the addition of the sand timer takes it to a whole other level.

However, it’s exciting facing off with the sand timer. A cheeky trick we started to use was to purposely say our responses slow in order to let the timer run down in the hope that you could catch your opponent out by not giving them enough time to respond 😛

Duelling was equally as fun. As again, you just never know what category and letter is going to get revealed. At one point the category was Superhero and the letter was Y. And let me tell you, we both struggled massively to think of a character that began with the letter Y, to the point where in the end we both had to forfeit. In that case we decided that it was only fair that both of us picked up an extra letter card.

As you can see there’s so much this simple game has to offer!

Pros and Cons of TiBom


  • Fast-paced and addictive to play
  • Easy and quick to learn
  • Loads of fun for all the family
  • Wide variety of categories to keep the game interesting


  • Some letters make can make the game challenging
  • You won’t want to stop playing!

The brains behind the game

You’ve heard from us now let’s hear from the wonderful creators behind the game.

TiBom was created by Daniel Delgado, originally from Valencia, Venezuela but currently living in Montreal, Canada. Daniel tells us that he is a huge fan of boardgames, sports and music.

We asked Daniel what inspired him to create the awesome game that it TiBom, Daniel says:

“I started designing board games about two years ago. Always when playing board games I would make new rules to “improve” the game (at least from my point of view 😅). My first game is called seasons to siege which is a highly strategic game (my version of how a strategic euro style game should be), the game is still under development due to its complexity.

TiBom was created to try to get my best version of a fun game. For me the best fun/family/party games are the ones that keeps you fully focus all the time (no time to check your phone 😂) and fills you with adrenaline as you play it. To me this game has achieved both 😊😊”

As well as being the creator and designer of the game, we also asked Daniel who else helps him with the creation of TiBom:

“Maria Gabriela Gómez – improvement and emotional support 😎

Rafael Arriaga – Art”

Wanna play?

TiBom is yet to be released, but will be launching on Kickstarter in October 2020 (fingers crossed!).

Until then, to be the first to know about when the game is available you can head over to their ever growing Instagram and Facebook pages, @Tibom_thecardgame.



Final Thoughts

Well what else can we say? Other than TiBom is a true gem of a card game. We love games that are quick and easy to play as well as being highly addictive. TiBom ticks all of those boxes.

There’s nothing better than picking up a card game and simply not wanting to put it down.

As well as all the excitement and adrenaline you get from playing, it’s also great for improving your memory, metal agility and word association skills.

Excellent for any occasion, TiBom is one of those games you can quickly play a quick round of in between doing other things, and it’s compact enough to travel anywhere with.

What’s also fantastic is that it’s also possible to play with up to a whopping 8 players. Maybe even more at a push! So perfect for dinner party entertainment or whipping out on games night.

So why not take that leap and follow the TiBom journey, and be one of the first to pick up your copy. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

Tell us what you think about TiBom!

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