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A Deckade Games Review of Numpty

You are a numpty. Yes you are, but have no fear as you’re also not the only one. Now is the time to embrace it and unleash your numptiness into the world of Numpty.

A strategic card game where you battle to climb the corporate ladder by blocking your colleagues from successful careers and throwing them under the bus along the way!

Consider Numpty as the card game that puts the fun into everyday working life. Let’s face it, everyone knows somebody who at some point has behaved like a numpty in the workplace, and that includes ourselves and you.

The creators behind this quirky card game have even described it as the “Numpty Concept”. Using real world experiences of work events that everyone can relate to, Numpty was cleverly born.

So prepare to have a laugh with this card game that is silly, fun and totally relatable!

In a nutshell

  • Publisher: Numpty Games
  • Number of players: 2-4
  • Recommended age: All ages – Anyone who has worked in a job
  • Playing time average: 20-65 mins
  • RRP: Currently £21 with extras on Kickstarter

Game Rules

The aim of the game is to be the first player to successfully climb the corporate ladder before your colleagues and claim the crown of being Chief Executive (CE).

In order to achieve this, players must move from Junior Management level to Senior Management level by getting promoted up the ranks.

For reference here’s a look at how the table is set up for the game:


There are 3 types of Management Cards you need to acquire before becoming CE – Junior, Middle and Senior. You must collect and propose 3 Junior Management level cards into the boardroom in order to make a proposal to be promoted. If you are successful in your proposal, then you are officially a Junior Manager and the cards can be moved into your office.


The next rank is the Middle Management level and you compete in the same fashion to move from Junior to Middle Manager. And again to reach Senior Management level. Once at Senior Management level, you must survive the final CE rebuttal round with all your cards intact. But beware, this is where all your colleagues will stop at nothing to tear you down and stop you from becoming CE.

However, if you are successful in your survival, then you become Chief Executive and the winner of the game!

The awesome thing about the game is that although the rules may sound easy, there are many twists and turns along the way designed to hinder players from getting promotions.

These come in the form of Action, Impulse and Numpty cards.

Action Cards

Action cards are played by whichever player has control of the boardroom. They can basically help you to interrupt or destroy another player’s career.


The actions cards in the game are: Remove, Thanks, Steal, Swap, Power, and Fired.

We won’t go into the detail of what each card does here, you’ll have to discover that for yourself 😉

However, as an example the Remove card allows you to throw another player’s management card from their office into the bin. Thus forcing that player to have to repair that management level via another promotion. Savage right?

Impulse Cards

Impulse cards are used to block or defend against another player’s move.


The impulse cards in the game are: Denied, Block and Bus.

The Block and Denied cards can block a player’s proposal for promotion or deny an action card respectively. You can also use a denied card to deny the blocking of a promotion. This is where things get interesting!

As for the Bus card. This is used to literally (well maybe not literally) throw somebody under the bus! With this you can redirect a card in the boardroom that’s been directed at you onto somebody else. Providing that they are at an equal or lower management level to you.

Numpty Cards

There are two Numpty cards in the game. Both designed to add complete chaos into the gameplay. And neither of these cards can be stopped by any other card!


If the Numpty 1 card is played, then everyone must put their hand into the bin which is then shuffled with the deck. Meaning that everyone is dealt a completely new hand!

If the Numpty 2 card is played, everyone has to get up and move one place to the left. Meaning that if you’ve successfully managed to get promoted to a higher management level, you may end up in an office that’s not as high as the one you had. Although this could also work in your favour if the reverse is true!

Gameplay in action

For our quest to become Chief Executive we demoed the game with 2 players. And we found that there was plenty of fun and numptiness to be had regardless of not having more players.

The rules are exactly the same, however there is a slight variation on how the Bus card is used. In the case of two players you cannot redirect the action to another player (as there are no other players!) so therefore the action is simply nullified. Except for if the Bus card is used against a Fired card. In that case then the action is redirected back to the player who played it.

Starting out

In my dealt hand I was lucky enough to have a Junior card and well as a couple of Double cards. Now the Double card is a very handy one indeed as it represents two Management level cards. Therefore, if you have a Double card you only need to pair it with one other Management card to make your proposal.

This means that it saves time hoping that you’ll be able to collect three of the same card. For example, rather than three Junior cards, you can make a proposal with one Junior card and one double card.

Unluckily for me however, my opponent had acquired at least 3 Block cards. This meant that in the beginning every time I tried to go for a promotion (despite my excellent experience and qualifications), I was denied. Sounds familiar right?

Pressing on

Anyways I pressed on, and eventually I managed to make it up the ranks to Middle management level and my opponent was still a Junior. I had saved one of my Double cards as I had a Senior level card in my hand. My plan was that on my next turn I was going to go for it.

But boy was I wrong! It was my opponent’s turn and they played the dreaded Numpty 1 card. This meant that we both had to discard the cards in our hands and get dealt new hands. Disaster!

In my new hand I had no Senior or Double cards, in fact all I had were Junior and Swap cards. Not very useful for a person in my position. This gave my opponent a massive advantage over me and it wasn’t very long before they too were a Middle manager.

The battle to Senior

It was a tough battle to become a Senior manager as every time I proposed a promotion somehow my opponent had a way to block it. However, I too had a trick up my sleeve. At one point I did manage to get promoted, but one of my Senior cards was quickly stolen by my opponent using the Thanks card. The Thanks card allows you to take a card from somebody’s office and place it into your hand.

For my final attempt I used a little trick in the game. Remember all those seemingly useless Junior cards I had? Well there is a rule that allows you to play three management cards into the Boardroom on your turn. Once played you can then draw a management card of your choice from the bin into your hand and it’s still your turn. This move can’t be denied. So I used 3 Junior cards to retrieve a discarded Senior card from the bin.

I was then able to use this Senior card to repair my seniority status. Success!

The final rebuttal

By this time my opponent had managed to thwart my attempts at becoming Chief Executive during the rebuttal round and had reached Senior level themselves. We had reached a final rebuttal.

It was my turn, I knew I had to do something to stop my opponent or else they would win the game. So again I tried to be clever. I played the Swap card. My theory was that if we swapped places then the onus would be on my opponent to try and stop me from winning. A good plan but a foal move. A quick check of the rules stated that the Swap card cannot be played during the rebuttal.

I was out of cards and out of luck.

With nothing that could be done to stop my opponent it was game over. My opponent had successfully become Chief Executive and I would remain forever in the passenger seat. Sad times!

Yet so much fun along the way. You can see here how this game is full of playability and enough elements to keep it fresh and exciting. Definitely something that makes this card game very unique.

Pros and Cons of Numpty


  • Funny concept with real-world like scenarios you can relate to
  • Unique gameplay
  • Highly fun and competitive
  • Fairly straightforward rules that are easy to pick up


  • May take a few rounds of play to get used to all the actions
  • You will have to step on your friends or family in order to succeed! 😈 

The brains behind the game

You’ve heard from us now let’s hear from the wonderful creators behind the game.

The Nine to Fivers of the team that started the jokes of Numpty all worked in the IT industry in various roles with job titles that never really fit all the different kinds of work they did. Currently, the team is across New Zealand and Australia, and America. The team members and creators are Ian Smith, Felise Demchy, Sam Haines, Kevin Stark, Daniel Manthe and Gareth Smith.

We asked Felise what inspired them to create the wonderfully silly game that is Numpty. Felise says:

“There were 3 of us that worked together, and as a way to not take the silly things that happen in the office too seriously, we would have a good joke about them. It developed into this idea that everyone in the office was playing a big card game. Certain events would get labelled a card, and we would joke “oh, they just played the Thanks Card.”

We would have a laugh usually over a drink and then move on. This activity of gamifying the workplace was a great way to de-stress from some of the absurd things that would happen, or at least they seemed silly to us, I’m sure they made complete sense to the people making the decisions.

At the end of 2019 Ian decided it was time to bring the game to life to help others laugh at the ridiculousness of themselves and others in the workplace and help build better cultures, so we have been working on this over the last few months.”

We also asked Felise, what makes your game unique?:

“We all know that in the workplace, politics and personal agendas are getting in the way of good work getting done. To make light of the silliness, we have put those events into Numpty so people can relate to them and get a chuckle out of it, while also throwing their friends under the bus. Numpty is designed to have a lot of variation as to how it plays out.

We are looking forward to including expanding the play with a few extra cards that we’ve been experimenting with.

There are not many games out there targeting the workplace theme, as well as looking to be a team-building activity that would entice the non-gamers to join in at the end of a long day.”

Wanna play?

Numpty is currently in the middle of their incredible Kickstarter campaign. So now is the time to go and grab your copy. You can check it out on their Kickstarter Page.

Already missed out? Not to worry you can continue to follow their journey and find out where you’ll be able to grab your copy on their website: numptygames.com

Or on their Social Media accounts:


Facebook-F-and-logo Twitter Logo



Final Thoughts

Well who would have thought being a Numpty could be so fun? Certainly not this numpty.

What started out as banter amongst a group of friends/colleagues was elevated into an imaginative and all-round cool game. And we thank them for it. It’s easy to make jokes, but it’s harder to make those jokes into something that everyone can enjoy, and these guys have managed to master both!

We genuinely think that Numpty is an amazing game that anyone who’s ever worked in an office environment should play. And if you haven’t worked in an office, you should still play. We guarantee laughter at the expense of the numpties that have to go through these workplace events everyday.

An overall fantastic game with a uniquely funny concept that’s certain to bring out the Numpty in you.

Tell us what you think about Numpty!

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