Card Spotlight

Card Spotlight

A place where the most funniest, outrageous and downright ridiculous cards have a time to shine.

We’ve all been there when you’re playing your favourite card game and suddenly the pressure is on to play your cards right. You’ve got it all planned out, and you’re ready for the attack (or defence in some cases).

But just when you think you got the upper hand – boom! One of your fellow players smacks down a card that blows the whole game out the water.

And now you’ve lost the game and left wondering where it all went wrong. If it wasn’t for that one card, your strategy would’ve been flawless!

That card will haunt you for the rest of the night. You’ll dream about that card and will vow to never let that card trip you up again.

Stewie can't sleep


However, if you’re the cheeky player who threw down that card, you’ll be elated. You’ll think “yes, this is the key to success!”. That card will now be your go-to deliverer of destruction.

Your right hand card, that must be protected at all costs the next time you play. And you’ll certainly remember to use it again.

Patrick rub hands


With that all in mind we wanted to create a platform where all these memorable cards have their mark in history.

Regardless of the card game or deck, there’s always one card that will have you laughing for joy or writhing in frustration.

So this is Card Spotlight, the place where we highlight the best and worst individual cards out there, as voted for ourselves and by you.

Every week we’ll be picking out a card to shine the spotlight on. And if you wish to nominate a card then please leave a comment below or head over to our Instagram page to cast your vote.

So check back in and come see all the cards that make the your card games come to life.


Tam is a happy-go-lucky digital designer by day, with a passion for learning and playing card games. Her aim is to leave no deck left unplayed! Find out why she started this epic journey to become a card games connoisseur at “This is Deckade Games”. Feel free to send Tam a message here.

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