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Card Spotlight: The Pudding Card by Sushi Go

This week’s Card Spotlight goes to the Pudding Card from Sushi Go.

For Sushi Fans and non-sushi fans alike, Sushi Go is one of the best family-fun card games.

You can get hungry just looking at these deliciously illustrated cards.

pudding card - sushi go cards

All with cute ‘kawaii’ pictures of your favourite sushi, with little smiles that makes your heart melt.

With all this cuteness overload, I wanted to choose every card for today’s Card Spotlight. But that’s not how this works. I had to pick one.

So this time I have chosen the Pudding Card.

A little intro to Sushi Go

If you’ve ever played Sushi Go before, you’ll love it not only for the cards, but for it’s unique gameplay.

The aim of the game is to use strategy to collect the sushi cards that will give you the most points. But this isn’t as easy as it sounds as some cards require you to collect more than one of them in order to gain points which can get tricky fast, with the more people you play with.

And one of these types of cards is our hero of today, the Pudding Card.

The Pudding Card is a one of a kind in the game, as it’s the only card which you can hang onto until the very end. I guess that’s why it’s called Pudding – you save the best till last!

Yummy pudding

Story Time

Now, the last time I played Sushi Go, I was fortunate enough to only play with two players. So yes, I knew victory would be easy. But boy was I wrong.

From the offset, the cards were in my favour. I looked at my hand and I already had two Pudding Cards. The dilemma though was do I play them early or do I wait until later once I’ve played some more points-worthy cards.

Because the main risk with collecting Pudding Cards is that they actually mean nothing during the individual rounds of the game. They only become useful at the very end, and that’s only if you’re lucky enough to have collected the most of them. And if you haven’t, then they can destroy everything you’ve worked for by actually minusing your points. Six whole points to be exact.

And when gathering points is like gathering gold dust, the last thing you want is to lose six points when you think the ball is in your court.

Nonetheless, I decided to play one of my Pudding Cards first. My theory was that with only two players I could afford to not play something better as there would be plenty of opportunities for this. Also, Puddling cards can’t deduct points if there are only two players, so that’s a bonus.

Thankfully my fellow player wasn’t interested in the Pudding Cards initially so that meant they were all mine!

The tough road ahead…

In order to win the game, you need to have collected the most points after 3 rounds. I admit I breezed through the first round as my fellow player was new to the game and I had played once before, so was familiar with it.

However, on the second round he wised up and I got thrashed. I was still collecting my Pudding Cards so had sacrificed a few crucial points. And in the end I lost the round. So it all came down to the final round.

I looked at my hand and I could see one Pudding Card, amongst some other quite average cards.

I decided to try and build more points this time, it seemed like the right thing to do given that this round would be the decider.

But once I had played my hand and we swapped cards (which is what you have to do after every hand), I realised my partner had a couple more Pudding cards in their opening hand.

Having already gathered at least 5 Pudding cards from previous rounds, and knowing that my partner had 3 Pudding cards of their own. I worked out that I only needed to play one more in order to have the most at the end of the game. So I played it.

This left me in a really vulnerable position as my fellow player played the only Wasabi card in our hands. Which when paired with his other high scoring Nigiri card, automatically boosted up his points for the round. I was trailing behind.


The remaining cards were pretty much useless. And there was nothing I could do to gain any more significant points. I was going to lose. Or so I thought…

Claiming victory

We played our final cards and then tallied up the scores. My partner had 40 points and I had only 35 points.

Just when I thought all was lost I remembered my trump cards! Or in this case my Pudding cards! I realised that I had collected the most of them (as per my plan).

This meant that I could finally use them towards my final score, 6 extra points! My new final score was now 41! I did it! By the miracle of the Pudding card I managed to win the whole game.

My fellow player was gutted. He couldn’t believe it. Beaten by 1 mere point. He felt cheated, but I didn’t care. The points don’t lie and the game is the game. Don’t hate the player and all that jazz…


Some final words

Well there you have it, the proof was in the Pudding – literally. A card that whilst others may overlook, can be the key to victory.

This is why the Pudding card will always get my attention when it comes to playing Sushi Go.

So next time you’re playing Sushi Go, don’t forget our little friend, the Pudding card. It could make all the difference.

Besides, the only thing sweeter than pudding is winning.

Let us know what’s your favourite Sushi Go card by commenting in the box below. And keep coming back for more Card Spotlights.


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