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Card Spotlight: The Shuffle Card by Exploding Kittens

This week’s Card Spotlight goes to the Shuffle Card from the popular card game Exploding Kittens.

If you’re familiar with Exploding Kittens then you’ll know that the game has a whole plethora of funny, awesomely illustrated cards.

In fact, it was difficult to pick out which one to shine the spotlight on but I decided to to choose this one purely from my own experience playing the game.

And let me tell you, this little bad boy has saved my bacon numerous times, leading me to glorious victory!

When playing Exploding Kittens, your goal is to avoid picking out an exploding kitten card from the deck.

Now other cards might help you out better in the beginning stages. From forcing other players to pick up more than one card, to helping you “see into the future” of which cards are coming next.

But over time I have learnt that if you can manage to hold onto a Shuffle Card when there’s only a couple cards left in the deck then it could well be the key to the win.

Story time

I’ll never forget the time when I made it down to the last to the last few cards and there were just two of us left in the game. There was 1 exploding kitten left in the draw pile, and only 3 cards left to draw. I already knew where the last deadly kitten was because I had seen the future from my last turn.

It was the second card down, and my mate’s turn to play. We both knew that none of us had any life-saving Defuse cards left so drawing the exploding kitten would mean game over for one of us.

My mate put down a harmless Tacocat, and drew from the pile to end his turn and set my fate. He was in the clear, he didn’t even need to say because I already knew – it was a Hairy Potato Cat.


Now I must say it wasn’t looking very good for me at all. I had no attack or skip cards, and I knew the exploding kitten was on the top. It was pretty much hopeless, I was going to lose. I looked at my last two cards, a Rainbow cat, no use at all on it’s own. But then I realised I had a Shuffle! And there were still two cards left to draw (including the exploding kitten).

So I played the shuffle card, and in a very controversial move, I switched the two cards around! Yes! Winner winner!

I admit it was a cheeky move, as to shuffle only two cards can’t really be classed as “shuffling” but I didn’t care. I did what had to be done. My friend was peeved but he’ll get over it, the game is the game.


Final words

Anyways, so that’s why I always make sure to hang on to a shuffle card just in case I end up in that situation again. Besides, at any other time in the game it can be a risky one to play as you never know what you’ll be shuffling on to the top.

I had definitely had times where I’ve shuffled to avoid an Exploding Kitten only for another one to appear on top in its place. But the game wouldn’t be fun without the risks.

Shuffle card, today is your day and I thank you for your presence, and you certainly deserve to be highlighted today!

What’s your favourite Exploding Kittens card? Leave a comment in the box below and who knows, maybe it’ll make it into the spotlight one day.


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