7 Fun Family Card Games That Everyone Will Enjoy

There’s nothing that brings a family together than a good old board game. As well as board games, card games have long since been keeping families entertained.

And when times are tough, coming together as a family to spend quality time together is important for us all.

The friendly banter amongst siblings, the cringey comments parents make, the competitiveness and the belly laughs – card games can bring so much fun for the family.

With this in mind we’ve found 7 fun family card games that everyone will enjoy! Now we probably could have found 70, but we felt it better to keep this list shorter for now. To give you plenty of time to try them all out 😉

Whether you’re 6, 60 or 106 there’ll be something for everyone to enjoy on this list.

Now be warned, some of these card games are highly competitive. So be prepared to go head-to-head at times, but remember it’s all about having a good time!

  1. 1. Game Off 2

    The party game that will test your brain, body, heart and spirit.

    ◾ Created by Game Off ◾ Ages 5-155 ◾ 3 players+ ◾


    Game Off 2 is the second edition to an already awesome and popular game. Only this time it’s bigger and better. A great card game that is perfect for players of all ages and personalities.

    Described as a party game where everything is a game, the aim of Game Off 2 is to battle head-to-head with your opponents and be the first to gain a card of each colour.

    Throughout the numerous rounds of gaming action, players must roll a dice to find an opponent, then battle with them. The winner of the battle gets to keep the card in play.

    Challenges can range from anything like “A competition to sing as badly as possible” to “Blindfolded, wrong-handed writing”. There’s even “A battle of hairy shins”, guaranteed to have everyone in fits of laughter before very long.

    Whatever your abilities are, Game Off 2 will have something for you to enjoy. Whether it’s drawing, jumping, pulling a face or knowing chocolate or anything else for that matter. This is one family card game designed for everything to be a game.

  2. 2. Quirk!

    The Act-it-out and then laugh-out-loud family card game.

    ◾ Created by Quirk! ◾ Ages 7+ ◾ 2-6 players ◾


    Quirk! is described as a family card game with a difference. This game encourages players to be as odd as possible, which means you’ll never be alone in the silliness.

    The aim of the game is to win as many Quirks as possible where a Quirk is 3 of the same character card.

    Players achieve this by acting out quirks (by making sounds or actions) of the cards you’re trying to collect in the hopes that a specific player has that card. If they have it they will have to pass all copies over to you. If not then you’ll be told to Quirk! and you then must pick up from the deck.

    Throughout the game you might have to wink, walk, trumpet or squawk while you muster your way through your quirky impressions. By watching your family and friends hilariously become Pirates, Super Models or a bunch of animals, there’s sure to be some serious belly laughs with this game.

    What’s even better about this card game is that Quirk! is big enough to fill the room with laughter, and yet small enough to carry in a bag! So you can take it anywhere and spread the joy and fun.

  3. 3. SUSSED? All Sorts

    A hilarious game of who knows who best.

    ◾ Created by SUSSED ◾ Ages 6+ ◾ 2-10 players ◾


    SUSSED? All Sorts is exactly that – full of all sorts! This multi-award winning card game brings the joy of hilarious, family-friendly, face-to-face conversations to the forefront. The best conversations you’ve never had!

    The aim of SUSSED? All Sorts is to answer questions about each player, by reading aloud a series of real and imaginary scenarios. You’ll then be given choices to make. And whoever can suss you out scores some points, the player with the most points wins.

    Questions range from various real or imaginary scenarios such as “Would I rather a flying bicycle or a mini submarine?” and “Would I want to have a remote to stop people talking?”. You’ll really be challenged to know your fellow players.

    All in all you will find yourself laughing at some of the creative scenarios you come across. The ultimate question will be, have you got everyone sussed?

  4. 4. Monster Misfits: The Monsters That Nobody Loves

    A ridiculous card game of dancing, hairy, buttface monsters.

    ◾ Published by Friendly Rabbit ◾ Ages 7+ ◾ 2-5 players ◾


    Monster Misfits is a quirky card game that will bring moments of excitement followed by moments of total chaos. If you hate fun games or have no sense of humour, this game is probably not for you.

    A simple card game where the aim is to get rid of all your cards in order to win. This is achieved by either matching the value of a monster from any realm, or by beating its value from the same realm.

    Quite similar to Crazy 8s but with a lot more twists, Monster Misfits has 4 Basic Realms to play in (like suits in a regular deck of cards) as well as the Chaos Realm which really changes how the game is played.

    The cards themselves are very vibrant and nicely illustrated with cute and not so cute monsters. This makes it extremely attractive for younger players.

    With a combination of casual gameplay with strategic elements and of course “unlovable” monsters, this is a delightful edition to our list of family card games.

  5. 5. Randomise

    The hilarious party game of drawing, acting and describing.

    ◾ Created by Gamely ◾ Ages 8-108 ◾ 4-40 players ◾


    As once seen on Dragon’s Den, Randomise is a party card game for people who want to spend more time with their families and friends.

    This easy to set up and quick to learn game offers hours of fun for all the family. The game comes with millions of possible combinations for endless replayability.

    Played with a minimum of four players in two teams, the aim is to be the first team to score 30 points. To score points on each turn, players draw cards to get a random identity and must then choose whether to draw, act or describe their identity to their fellow team mates. There are also easy or hard identity options, where more points are on offer for hard identities.

    How do you describe a confused dinosaur selling lemonade or act out a clumsy beaver hula hooping? Well be sure to find out with this crazy fun family card game.

  6. 6. Simon’s Cat Total Mess

    Keep your eyes on the prize with this fast-paced game of quick reactions.

    ◾ Published by MDR ◾ Ages 5-105 ◾ 2-8 players ◾


    Featuring adorable art taken directly from animator and illustrator Simon Tofield’s YouTube series, Simon’s Cat, Simon’s Cat Total Mess is a card game for the whole family.

    Simon’s Cat and his friends are searching for hidden treats. So players need to find out which pet is best at tracking them down. You must be quick, score points and shout “Simon’s Cat!” whenever you see that greedy cat.

    The first player to shout takes all the cards in the row. The game continues until the last card has been taken from the pack, and the winner is the one who has collected the most cards.

    For cat lovers and non-cat lovers alike Simon’s Cat Total Mess is sure to add some chuckles to your family game night and put a smile on everyone’s face. And what’s more, kids just love it!

  7. 7. Frozen Unicorns

    Strike a pose and transform yourself into silly statues with this hilarious family card game.

    ◾ Created by Gamely ◾ Ages 6-106 ◾ 3-30 players ◾


    From the makers of Randomise, already an addition to this list of fun family card games, comes Frozen Unicorns.

    Frozen Unicorns is a card game that brings out the imagination and inventiveness of all players. Whether you’re older or younger the game will let your creativity shine through in fun, exciting and hilarious ways.

    During gameplay everyone is given something to pose as – e.g. a crab, karate teacher or even a unicorn. Then one person is left to guess what everyone else is doing or being. As well as the guesser receiving points for correctly working out what people are posing as, points are also given to the best statues. So be prepared to think and pose hard!

    The winner is the player who scores the most points.

    And for shyer players who don’t like being put on the spot, this game is perfect. As everyone is doing their action together at the same time, therefore the focus is never on one particular player or performer.

Final thoughts

Woah! We had a lot of fun putting this list of 7 fun family card games that everyone will enjoy together.

Let’s face it with times like these, it’s ever more important to stay close to family and friends as much as possible. We think that all of these games will be fun and enjoyable for all the family.

From laughter, friendly bickering, competition, creativity, and silliness – these card games offer it all!

There’s something for everyone, so which ones will you choose?

Do you have any more card games to recommend for this list? Let us know by commenting below or contacting us.


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