7 Card Games for Adults to Make Your Parties Fun

So you’ve decided to have a party, a nice little gathering of friends or family. The snacks and drinks are ready. The invites have been sent, and you’re looking forward to a great night of music and fun.

But you don’t want your party to be boring. Maybe there are some people coming round that have never met each other before and you’re worried about whether they’re all going to get along. Or maybe you’ve got some friends who are loud and outgoing, you want to keep them entertained right?

Well now all you need is something to jazz up the party. Something that will make your gathering stand out from the rest. After all it’s a party and you’re the host, it’s your job to make it fun! And that’s where party games come in.

Sure you can play the classics like Charades or Pictionary, but the world has evolved now, and there are a whole plethora of cool, fun party games for adults that will keep your guests entertained for hours on end.

We’ve picked out 7 awesome card games for adults to make your parties fun. These aren’t just any card games, oh no, these are cheeky, slightly crude, funny and creative card games that will keep your guests wanting more.

So let’s get to it…

  1. 1. Cards Against Humanity

    The card game you should probably never play, but you will.

    ◾ Created by Max Temkin & friends ◾ Ages 17 years+ ◾ 4-30 players ◾


    Arguably the most popular new-age adult card game around. Cards Against Humanity is the King of boozy nights and one that will put your “dark-side” to the test. If you’ve never played before then you’re in for a treat (and maybe a shock).

    Described as a “party game for horrible people”, there’ll be so much laughter you won’t even care. It’s one of the best you’ll see on this list of card games for adults.

    Cards Against Humanity has very simple rules in fact you can make the rules fit your needs. But the basics of it is that one person picks a black card which has a sentence, phrase or question on it. The others have to use the white cards (which have a word or even a famous person’s name on it) to come up with the most cringe-worthy, pearl-clutching, thigh-slappingly funny way to match with it.

    The cruder the better, and the winner is determined by your peers.

  2. 2. Exploding Kittens – NSFW edition

    Chaos and crude cats all in one game!

    ◾ Created by Matthew Inman, Elan Lee & Shane Small ◾ Ages 18 years+ ◾ 2-5 players ◾


    If you’re a cat-lover then don’t be alarmed, this isn’t a card game that’ll harm any poor innocent kitty-cats, but it may harm your ego. Exploding Kittens is an innovative, fun and entertaining card game that has a claim to fame for being the number 1 most backed game ever on Kickstarter (the most popular crowdfunding platform for creative projects).

    And it definitely deserved all that backing it got because this is the one game that will bring out both the competitive and strategic side you never knew you had.

    Although there is a family friendly edition, we’ve added the NSFW adults only edition to this list as it’s stupidly fun and rude in a good way.

    All you have to do is avoid the Exploding Kittens! Each player is given a set of cards from the start. In this adult version these can range from the weird Zombie Cat to the crudely funny Shy Bladder Cat.

    Then you each have to play a card (or more) in your hand which will determine the next players fate, you end each turn by picking a new card from the draw pile, and if you’re unlucky enough pick to an Exploding Kitten then it’s game-over for you my friend.

    Fortunately, there are clever ways to avoid being blown up but you’ll have to discover these for yourself…

  3. 3. What Do You Meme?

    Be a true millennial and prepare to go viral with your own hilarious memes!

    ◾ Created by Elie Ballas, Ben Kaplan & Elliot Tebele ◾ Ages 17 years+ ◾ 3-20 players ◾


    We’re all used to scrolling down our social media timelines and then suddenly stopping to chuckle at a picture of Kermit the Frog sipping a cup of tea with the caption “Me when I’m minding my own business”. But do you ever wonder where all these memes come from? And who makes them?

    Well now you can be the clever creator of your own memes with this crazy adult card game: What do you Meme?

    Similar to Cards Against Humanity, the game is quite simple. You each have cards with a random phrase on it and you have to match it to a picture card to try and create the funniest meme. E.g. a picture of an overweight cat on it’s back might accompany the caption “when you’ve had too much christmas dinner”. Or perhaps “when you realise tomorrow is Monday”. The best meme wins the round.

    This is another one that’s so flexible it can give you hours of endless fun, leaving you and your guests in stitches for the night. Which is why we just had to add it to our list of card games for adults.

    There’s a bonus if you’re a fan of memes as you’ll find a lot of recogniseable images in there also.

    So go viral for the night with your friends and be crowned the King or Queen of Memes!

  4. 4. Joking Hazard

    You’ve laughed at the comics, now it’s time to make your own…

    ◾ Created by Cyanide & Happiness ◾ Ages 18 years+ ◾ 3-10 players ◾


    From the creative geniuses behind the infamous webcomic Cyanide and Happiness, Joking Hazard is an adult party game that puts you in the driving seat of creating your very own comic strips.

    Can’t draw? No problem, this card game has everything you need to create the best or perhaps worst jokes you can imagine.

    Gameplay is easy-peasy. You start with two cards – one random and one chosen by another player, and boom, your story has begun. Everyone then takes turns in putting down a card to complete the scenario. The funniest story wins the round.

    There are hundreds of cards (360 to be precise) to use which are whimsical, silly and inappropriate all at the same time!

    Joking Hazard is a card game that’s sure to keep you and your guests craving more as it gives endless possibilities to get your creative juices flowing with or without a drink 😉

  5. 5. Disturbed Friends

    Some say this game’s so bad it should be banned!

    ◾ Created by Friendly Rabbit Inc ◾ Ages 18 years+ ◾ 4-10 players ◾


    Well what can we say? The title says it all doesn’t it? Yet even though they say it should be banned, it should definitely be played first

    Disturbed Friends is a game that will put your friendships to the test, but can also be highly amusing for those in your party or group that might now know each other so well.

    Caution: sense of humour required!

    The box contains a bunch of cards with disturbing questions as well as some cheeky picture cards. The aim of the game is to try and guess what your fellow player would do when faced with a sticky situation. The lead player or “Judge” picks a question, and the other players have to guess what they think that person would do.

    The players that guess correctly each win a “#WINNING” card (the picture cards) that mocks society. The first player to collect 10 picture cards wins the game.

    Can your friendships survive the trials of Disturbed Friends? Guess there’s only one way to find out…

  6. 6. That’s What She Said

    A cheeky party game full of twisted innuendos

    ◾ Created by TWSS Game ◾ Ages 16 years+ ◾ 4-10 players ◾


    Calling all dirty minds! That’s What She Said is the card game for adults that will turn your party from vanilla to raunchy in 30 seconds flat.

    And for that one friend who always has something cheeky to say at the most inappropriate time, this will be their time to shine. This is a fun party game that rewards the best innuendos, the dirtier the better!

    To play, one player starts by picking a red setup card, then each player picks a white card from their hand to try and make the sauciest joke they can think of. Once again the best joke wins and that player gets to keep the red card. The first player to collect five red cards is crowned the winner. And everyone is left with their dignity in tatters.

    This card game is designed to maximise laughter and minimise awkwardness. And it does a great job of keeping everyone bursting with joy throughout. So try this fun and easy game, it’s not very hard at all (at least that’s what she said…)

  7. 7. Pick Your Poison – NSFW edition

    Would you wanna risk it for a biscuit?

    ◾ Created by Tony Pellerito ◾ Ages 17 years+ ◾ 3-8 players ◾


    As a kid you’ve probably played the classic “Would you rather” game numerous times. Pondering over the toughest of questions such as “would you rather have no arms or no legs?”. But now as adults there’s a new game in town for hilarious decision making, that may have you questioning life itself.

    Pick Your Poison (NSFW edition) is the adult card game that takes the traditional “Would you rather” game to a whole new level.

    During the game, two scenario cards are selected and then players have to use the voting A or B cards to determine what they would rather do. Simple right? Once the answers are revealed, the points are then tallied and you find out who’s just as messed up as you are.

    The game also has an added bonus of having multiple ways of gameplay. But we won’t spoil the fun by revealing them all here. The ultimate question is would you rather have a lame boring party or a fun-filled night full of side-splitting laughter?

Final Thoughts

Wow, what a bunch of crazy games, and all with their own funny and/or naughty twists.

We can’t help but get super excited every time we come across new card games for adults. Because who says the kids should have all the fun!

Any one of these games will be sure to transform your parties for the better and your guests will be giggling all the way home. And the more the merrier, as many of these games can accommodate quite a lot of people. The only challenge will be getting everyone to focus!

You’ll be the ‘host with the most’, who always leaves them wanting to come back for more…and that’s what you want, right?

This is just a selection of card games for adults out there, but the best we’ve found so far. Certainly enough for you to get started with.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated on games like these and we wouldn’t want you missing out on any of the fun.

Let us know if there are any card games for adults or party card games you want us to check out and review in the future by commenting below or contacting us.


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