5 top card games to keep the kids entertained

If someone was to ask the question “what do kids do for entertainment these days?”, the first things that would probably come to mind are things like watching YouTube videos, playing video games, going on social media. But what do all these things have in common? That’s right, it’s all done behind a screen, on the Internet.

What happened to the real world? Why are kids (and adults alike) so obsessed with their phones and computers?

Well we all know why, because it’s convenient, it’s modern times and everybody’s doing it. But that doesn’t mean we have to lose our children (and ourselves) completely to technology’s iron grip. There are still countless brilliant, fun ways to keep kids entertained and off their screens.

So let’s get back to the basics. Card games. Card games have been entertaining kids for centuries, and they’ve gotten better and better.

We’ve picked out a handful of the 5 top card games to keep the kids entertained. Whether you’re relaxing on holiday or having a family night in, these card games are sure to keep them coming back for more and maybe even ditching their phones and games consoles for good (well maybe not for good but one can dream can’t they?).

    1. 1. Dobble

      A great card game for the most competitive kids and big kids alike.

      ◾ Published by Asmodee ◾ Ages 6 years+ ◾ 2-8 players ◾


      What’s the first ever card game you can remember playing as a child? For most it was probably the simple game, Snap. Easy to pick up and fun to play, all we had to do was to put down cards and be the first to spot the matching pairs.

      Dobble can easily be described as Snap with a twist. However, instead of a card with a single picture or number to match with, each Dobble card has 8 different symbols to match with. This is what makes the game more clever and exciting than any other Snap game you’ve played before.

      Firstly, what keeps the game fresh and entertaining is that there are several different ways to play. Each variation will put the kids’ observation and reaction skills to the test.

      The most basic way to play is where each player is dealt an even number of cards until all the cards have been distributed. One card is then placed down to start and all players must then quickly try to place down a card of their own that matches a symbol on the face up card. The winner is the player who puts down all their cards first.

      Now here comes the clever bit. For every card in the deck there will always be one matching symbol to another card. It’s just a matter of spotting which is the matching symbol and doing it as fast as possible. However, the match can be hard to spot as the size and positioning of the symbols changes on each card – and that’s what keeps it interesting!

    2. 2. Sushi Go!

      A fast-paced card game which will encourage kids to think strategically.

      ◾ Created by Phil Walker-Harding ◾ Ages 8 years+ (but suitable for younger) ◾ 2-5 players ◾


      Sushi may not be every kid’s favourite food, but we’re sure that this fun packed game will have them not only loving sushi, but wanting more.

      Sushi Go is a quick, easy to pick up, sushi-themed card game. Each card has cute illustrations of different types of sushi the kids will adore. Players score points by matching these sets of sushi.

      To start, each player has a hand of cards from which they pick one card and pass the rest without knowing what the others have played. Then each player picks another card from their new hand until all the cards are played.

      The aim is to make combinations that make more points than the other players. At the end of the round, the points are collated, then each player gets a new hand to start the second round. After three rounds, the player with the highest score wins.

      This is where the strategy comes in. Different cards offer different amounts of points and some cards can be used to shake up the gameplay (chopsticks) or increase the points of your hand (wasabi). So everyone will have to think ahead to work out the best combinations to score the most points.

      This game is very addictive and offers endless rounds of fun for all the family.

      It comes in a charming, portable tin which is perfect for taking on travels, so be sure to remember this one when packing your top card games to keep the kids entertained.

    3. 3. Sleeping Queens

      A quirky, imaginative game that teaches basic maths skills without you even realising.

      ◾ Created by Miranda Evarts ◾ Ages 8 years+ ◾ 2-5 players ◾


      Sleeping Queens was invented for kids by a kid. Little 6-year-old Miranda Evarts thought up the game one night when she couldn’t fall asleep – how awesomely cute is that?

      What makes this game a great card game for kids is that it combines strategy, quick thinking and a little bit of luck to stimulate their creative little minds. We just had to add it to our list of top card games to keep the kids entertained.

      The story behind the game is that the Pancake Queen, the Ladybug Queen and ten of their closest friends have fallen under a sleeping spell and it’s your job to wake them up (using Kings of course).

      Players have to collect the correct number of queens or points worth of queens before the other players do. There are different ways of doing this which include using sleeping potions to send the other players’ queens back to sleep unless they have a wand to defend themselves.

      But the fantasy doesn’t stop there. There are also Knight cards, Dragon cards and Jester cards that can be used to disrupt the other players’ strategy and increase your chances of winning.

      Another beautifully designed card game, Sleeping Queens is a glorious gaming experience for players of all ages to enjoy.

    4. 4. Quiddler

      An enjoyable fun word card game with a twist for group or solo play.

      ◾ Created by Marsha J. Falco ◾ Ages 8 years+ ◾ 1-8 players ◾


      Word games may not usually keep the kids entertained for very long, but Quiddler is no ordinary word game.

      Quiddler provides a quick and smooth gameplay, which kids will enjoy as you don’t necessarily have to know the most words, or even the longest words in order to win (although it helps if you do).

      The goal of the games is to arrange all the cards in your hand into one or more words. As the game goes on, the number of cards dealt increases every round – starting with three cards and ending with ten cards by the end of the game. The winner is the one with the highest score.

      The game is fantastic for both players beginning to read well as well as experienced word game players. So it’s no wonder that teachers love it for their students, and you’ll certainly love it for your kids. A sure fire edition to our list of top card games to keep the kids entertained.

      What makes this game ever better is that it has solitaire rules, so it can be played solo too – it’s the card game that keeps on giving!

    5. 5. Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza

      The hilarious card game that’s as unique as its name.

      ◾ Created by Dave Campbell (II) ◾ Ages 8 years+ (but suitable for younger) ◾ 2-8 players ◾


      You won’t find a game with cuter illustrations than Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza. But don’t let the cuteness fool you, this game will transform your games nights with the kids forever.

      Playing is simple. Each player takes turns to place a card from their hand face up into a community pile while saying “taco”, “cat”, “goat”, “cheese”, “pizza” in that exact order in player sequence. If the card that is laid down matches the word that is said then pow – it’s a race for everyone to slap their hand on the deck.

      The last one to slap down their hand has to pick up the cards. The winner is crowned when a player with no remaining cards is the first to correctly slap a match or a special card.

      To spice things up, there are also some wild cards (gorilla, groundhog and narwhal) which makes players have to perform an action before they slap. This always bumps the laughter up to the next level, leaving both kids and grown ups ROFL-ing for hours.

      A great card game for lively kids who love to have fun with loads of laughter on top!

    Final thoughts

    They say children are so easily amused, but really and truly children these days are much smarter and tuned-in than they’ve ever been.

    The struggle to keep the kids entertained on those rainy weekends is real. Not to mention the moral battle you constantly have with yourself over how much screen time you allow them to have.

    We hope that our quick list of top card games to keep the kids entertained will help you manage those moments. As well as bring the joy of socialising through card games with family or with their peers to your kids’ downtime routines.

    Go on and put them to the test and let us know which ones the kids have enjoyed the most.

    We’ll be sharing more info on card games for all the family often, so check in on us again.

    Let us know if there are any card games that are great for kids you want us to check out and review in the future by commenting below or contacting us.


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