5 Funny Card Games that will make you LOL!

As you know, card games come in many shapes and sizes. And designers and creators have come up with many fantastic ways to entertain us through playing card games and board games alike.

Whilst many card games offer some amount of humour just through sheer gameplay with friends and family, there are some special games out there that have specifically been designed to leave you in stitches of laughter all day/night long.

So great news! We’ve compiled a list of 5 funny card games that will make you LOL (laugh out loud). And who doesn’t love a good laugh ay?

    1. 1. OrganATTACK!

      A twisted, hilarious, very fun, and surprisingly educational card game for anyone who owns organs.

      ◾ Created by The Awkward Yeti ◾ Ages 8 years+ ◾ 2-5 players ◾


      First up we have OrganATTACK! This game is as hilariously unique as it sounds.

      Created by Nick Seluk the writer and illustrator behind famed webcomic “The Awkward Yeti”, this little quirky game gained over half a million dollars in funding on Kickstarter after launching in 2016.

      The aim of the game is to remove your fellow players’ organs before they can remove your own. The last person to still have at least one organ is crowned the winner.

      Throughout the gameplay you use “Affliction” cards, like Pancreatitis, (which can be played on either Gallbladder or Pancreas). Instant defensive cards, and lots of other crazy tactical moves to shake things up.

      As a result this funny card game is fast-paced, very fun, intense and suitable for all levels of players.

      Not only is this game funny, but you don’t need to have any medical knowledge in order to enjoy it. It’s simple entertainment for all the family.

    2. 2. Scrawl

      The adult card game where drawings go horribly wrong.

      ◾ Created by Big Potato Games ◾ Ages 17 years+ ◾ 4-8 players ◾


      Have you ever wondered what would happen if you crossed Chinese Whispers with Pictionary? Well wonder no further as Scrawl is here.

      From Big Potato, the clever creators behind other great card games such as Obama LLama and Blockbuster Party, Scrawl is a comical drawing card game where all bad artists are welcome.

      The game involves doodling like crazy with the aim of getting your fellow player to decipher your (mostly awful) drawings. Scrawl gives you the chance to let your inner Van Gogh shine through by attempting to draw whichever phrase you’ve been given.

      During the game each player takes a scenario card with a phrase that they must illustrate on a board. Then once drawn, the doodle is passed onto the next player who has to try and guess the phrase by writing it on another board. The next player then draws that phrase, and passes it on for another player to guess.

      The fun continues until the original board is left where all the journeys of guesses and doodles are unravelled from the original drawing. The best doodle wins the round.

      As you can imagine this card game gets very funny very quickly, as rude and crude drawings are highly encouraged, so this is not one for the kiddies.

      The overall winner is the first person to get the same amount of points as there are players or, according to Big Potato – the first person to die laughing!

    3. 3. Goat Lords

      An amusing competitive card game about monsters, thieves but mostly goats.

      ◾ Published by Gatwick Games ◾ Ages 7 years+ ◾ 3-6 players ◾


      Goat Lords is a hilarious strategic game where the ultimate aim is to become Lord of the Goats!

      Players build goat herds by stacking up pairs of goats in front of them, where each goat card has different point values which you’ll use throughout the game.

      The goat craziness begins when you attack your fellow players by dueling for their top Goat Stack with the aim of beating your puny goat friends.

      Anytime a duel is won successfully, your goat herd value goes up, giving you a better chance to win. However, beware as this will also make you a target for your fellow goaters.

      Throw in some action cards such as MAGICAL FLOWER GOATEES, ATOMIC GOATS, the ESCAPE GOAT and more, and things soon get wildly entertaining.

      The Lord of the Goats is the player that has the biggest herd of goats by the end of the game.

      Fun for all the family, this gem from our list of funny card games brings bizarre goat creatures and interesting game mechanics which provides light-hearted play and much laughter!

    4. 4. Fart The Explosive Card Game

      Enjoy some silent but deadly fun with this explosive card game.

      ◾ Published by Cheatwell Games ◾ Ages 8 years+ ◾ 3+ players ◾


      Described as being like Uno but with more smelly farts, Fart The Explosive Card Game is a barrel of fun for the kids and big kids of the family.

      Players take it in turns to lay down cards – which should always be accompanied by a fart noise of course. Or else a two card penalty pick up is enforced.

      The aim of the game is to get rid of your cards before your fellow players. Whilst avoiding all the hazards that are littered throughout the game.

      Fart The Explosive Card Game comes with a host of funny cards such as the “Silent but Deadly” card which reverses the direction of play, and the “Barn Burner” cards which means you can steal your opponent’s hand!

      But don’t despair you can protect yourself against nauseating attacks with the gas mask card and defeat your opponents with your “Butt trumpet” or “Thunder pants”.

      This card game is super simple to learn and play, as well as hilarious to play.

      It’s pant rippling good fun!

    5. 5. Soundiculous

      A gloriously silly, family-friendly card game of ridiculous sounds.

      ◾ Created by Gamely ◾ Ages 8 years+ ◾ 3-10 players ◾


      Last up on our list of funny card games is Soundiculous. Simply put Soundiculous is the Charades game for sounds.

      Where players have to guess the sounds and noises made by their fellow players.

      From the creators of Ramdomise, it’s quite possibly the easiest game to learn on this list, the rules are simple – pick a card, make the sound, and guess the sound.

      The best part which makes this an extremely funny card game is that you’ll find yourself in fits of laughter the minute someone opens their mouth and attempts to make a sound.

      The sounds range from easy (monkey, train), to medium (roller coaster, electric shock), to hard (wrestling, woodpecker). You’ll quickly realise that what you think you can hear quite clearly in your head, can come out very differently from your mouth!

      The goal of the game is to gain the most points by making and guessing the most ridiculous sounds.

      Soundiculous is a sure hit for kids, teenagers and adults alike, and the laughter will certainly flow for any occasion.

Final thoughts

We think that the best kinds of card games usually involve laughter. There’s nothing better than a game which can keep you engaged, entertained and joyful all at the same time.

It takes a special brain to be able to create a game that is universally hilarious, and we certainly salute the creators from our list.

And of course there are many more funny card games we could have added to this list, but this should be a nice taster to get you started, we wouldn’t want all the tears of laughter to dry up!

If you’ve enjoyed our list of 5 funny card games that will make you LOL, then please do let us know by commenting in the box below. We also welcome any suggestions for adding to this list in the future.

For anything else feel free to contact us.


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